A Session with Budi Rahardjo

A man, 49 years old, music devotee, technology developer, both chance maker and taker, active blogger, creative, innovative, very funny and crazy as well. Those words could describe Budi Rahardjo, a guest lecturer at my last class. He is a microelectronic center specialist. He had built several IT based business such as INDOCISC Network Security, Bandung Hi-Tech Valley, ID-CERT (Indonesia Computer Emergency Response Team), DB (Digital Beat) Store in Paris Van Java, Bandung, and believe it or not, he was one of the participants of the establishment of World Wide Web (www) in Canada. And not forgetting Indonesia, as his home country, he created the domain .id that until now we can frequently and easily use it. He’s totally one of a kind. Currently, he is a lecturer in School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics ITB. And another fact about him, he had not paid for years as a lecturer at ITB because he didn’t well manage his administration. But you know what, he kept lecturing at that moment because he just love to give lectures to his students. You can “Call it Crackpot” by now.

The introduction of his lecture was interesting. He explained about three levels of globalization development. Globalization 1.0 is when the people were in the colonial era so that they wanted to change their nationality to get a better living. Globalization 2.0 is when the people set their mind that multinational company could give them a better living. And globalization 3.0 is today globalization. It is about finding ourselves, create ourselves, and believe ourselves that we are the one who will make a better living for us and even for everyone else.

Talking about a better living, he mentioned that business + technology could help you become a success person. But the most important is have fun. Enjoy your life, make mistakes. Don’t ever work to be rich. In business world, failure is an ordinary thing. Doesn’t matter if you lost your money, but don’t waste your time. He said,

“You don’t have to mind your life, you just have to play. Enjoy. Have fun.”

And his act proved it. He lectured with his heart. Very happy, enjoy, and never lost his smile. What’s not to like about him?

The other thing that makes me like him more is his hobby about music. He discussed about phonograph record, about the analog and also the digital record, that there are missing data in digital record but for business it is so profitable because it is cheaper, smaller, and faster. Not much different between the analog and the digital, but if you are a real music devotee like him, you’d feel the difference. Thus, music needs creativity to be developed. But not only music, film or video, book, and software, as the information based products, also needs the same thing. Creativity.

So our life is about creativity. To be a creative person, we have to generate idea everyday. Budi Rahardjo writes his blog everyday to gain his creativity. It makes you have to come up with a new idea to be posted in your blog. In Indonesia, Bandung is one of its creative cities because many new business ideas emerge from this city. The market in Bandung also has similarity so the creative people can gather to create something new. Indonesia is very rich of culture. Doing business for every region in Indonesia can’t be the same because the existing of its culture. Culture doesn’t bound creativity, the thing is creativity turn up from the boundaries of culture.

Afterward, he ended the lecture with two words, Dream and Execute.

I don’t know why but this man touched me. I want him to still be like an analog record. Old yet valuable, indeed. You’re free to “Call it Crackpot” if you read my post(s), Mr. Rahardjo.  You rock!


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