Why Do We Need To Be Creative?

Because we need to live. I believe that life is much easier by living up the creativity (as I wrote in the previous post). Creativity makes you can live way funnier. Yes I can say that ‘fun’ is my value. I need to smile widely, laugh loudly, and always exert happiness both to myself and to the existing surround system. Those are the way I enjoy the ‘gift’ (re: life).

So what is fun for me? Due to the limited space of writing (instead of direct sharing), I’ll tell you the three kinds of creativity that I enjoy frequently. First, I take pleasure in watching the act of magicians. I like the way he present the unthinkable, unbelievable, and unreasonable things that human can stand for. It is crackpot and I like it greatly. I also imagine the feelings he had when the audience got amazed by the presentation. It must be enormous to have such feelings. Magic is such a creative way to entertain people. It works for me.

Second, I enjoy listening music. A bunch. I’m not a person who has a deep interest about something specific. I like many genre and many artists as well. For me, each genre and each artist has their own value that they want to deliver to us. I can also interpret the music itself depends on my creative thinking. Sure, music is about call out the creativity of the artists and the listener too. Is there a doubt for music?

The third is about advertising, the unconventional one. I assume the advertisers (the conceiver and the designer) are genius. Their creation of advertising is beyond habits. They can make something astounding with highly creative idea and still valuable that the provider aims could be correctly delivered to the customers. How lucky I am to live these days.

The picture above is the example of the advertising I mentioned before. It shows us the Frontline Flea & Tick Spray advertising. This advertising associates the people with the flea & tick and made it looks so disgusting, but then there is Frontline which can get the flea and tick off your dog. What’s your opinion? For me, it’s brilliant.

As brilliant as the founder of its advertising agency, Charles Saatchi. I presume that Charles Saatchi is the most creative person in advertising field. And his Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency is the most ingenious company also. Charles Saatchi is an advertising executive, art collector, and creative director. He owns an art gallery named Saatchi Gallery that filled with many artworks from his collections of great artists. He has been dedicated his life relish and praise the art world. The advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, had widen up its offices into 140 in 80 countries, including Indonesia. Another fact, Saatchi & Saatchi, was the world’s largest advertising agency in 1980s. Quite a long time I know, but still I got influenced by the artworks. Moreover, the Frontline advertising above was located in one of Jakarta’s shopping center. I just couldn’t gasp more.

Believe it or not, I’m writing this post in high pulse that I am so exciting with my favorite things. Then if creativity could keep me much alive, then I am sure I’ll live 100 more years by being a magician, musician, and advertiser.

Yeah. “Call it Crackpot”.


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I call it crackpot.

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