A Session with Ridwan Kamil

First of all, have you ever heard about Ridwan Kamil? If you’re an Indonesian but didn’t know a thing about him, then you’re totally lost in space.  He’s an architect, very well-known in urban designing, and also a lecturer in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Currently he is the Principal of Urbane Indonesia, an architecture and urban design consultant in Bandung. And on September 17th 2011, he modestly gave a lecture for public in Computer Lab ITB (sorry for taking too long to post this article). The lecture is about “Creating Creative Business”. It sounds so him.

He started the lecture with the word ‘business’. Business is ideas exploitation. So it doesn’t need much money to start a business. Seemed the best way to find the idea is by socializing with many people, as simple as that. The ideas moreover showed your class of creativity. There are four classes of creativity:

  1. Creative Class

This is where you finally catch an idea, but it doesn’t turn into anything. Just an idea. Just a creative way of mind speaking.

  1. Working Class

Now you can use your idea to work and indulge yourself. At least your idea works. It is important.

  1. Service class

In this class, you’re not just can use your creativity for yourself, but also for environment. Happy for you if you had reached this step. (Hopefully) You’ll be blessed. Amen.

  1. Agriculture and others

No, it doesn’t mean farming gets the highest score for creativity level. It means your creativity can be usable, acceptable, and sustainable for our welfare. If you were here, then you can be one of 100 most influential people in TIME magazine. What a dope!

Unfortunately, my country, Indonesia, is still a bit old-school for this new era. The era of liven up creativity. It’s hard to get money loan for doing creative economy. Well I can say it is because the government hardly seen the chance of this business.  And it’s embarrassing. Creativity is affected by the environment, because creativity has requirements. What does it mean? Creativity needs Talent, Tolerant, and Technology.  Talent in every person + Tolerance not to be selfish with your idealism + Technology that supports = Life. So, life in every country, every region, must be different, depends on the 3 elements above. Maybe you can compare the life between Indonesia with its neighbor, Singapore. You surely can do Google.

Then he talked about the ‘right-brainer’. “The future will be ruled by the right-brainer”. That was the first quote of the day. “In this global crisis, big fat corporations are falling apart… The era of small innovative enterprises is emerging”. And that was the other great quote. In business world, entrepreneur is the right-brainer. Then how to be a creative entrepreneur? Here are the clues:

–          Innovative (thinking and innovating outside the box)

–          Risk taker (but still calculated)

–          Visionary (setting achievable goals)

–          Strong leadership (setting example, motivating others, give arguments)

–          Problem solver (know exactly how to get there)

–          Agent of change (in developing world)

Easy to read, need much effort to do, but for sure we can be the right-brainer, the entrepreneur of our time. And after we build ourselves, let’s build the business itself! Another cliché question, how? Again, he told the secrets:

  1. Observe

Mingle, find opportunities, read books, read the world, add values, and many things you can do to study about the way to your business. Imagine the biggest and wildest chance you can take over to be on the top. Because “Imagination is the soul of creativity”. That was the second quote of the day.

  1. Select

Creative could be seen as service or product (new product or added value product). You choose.

  1. Think different

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower” – Steve Jobs

  1. Make plan

Organize every little thing you’re about to do. Every little thing counts in business world.

  1. Scalable

Your business must be reasonable, countable, and credible.

  1. Design / Technology

Design excellence = better economy prospect. Let say the packaging. Packaging is the value that makes people want to pay more, agree?

  1. Networking

Make some friends, because friends don’t let friends lost in space.

  1. Innovative Marketing

Know your market, know your way, know the ‘wow’ things.

And the third or the last quote of the day was: “The future belongs to Creative Entrepreneur”. What an inspiring lecture from Ridwan Kamil that day.  It did gain my knowledge, well I hope it gained yours, and we’d gain ground.

As well as he did great with the quotes, I’d like to present my own quote as the fourth quote of the day.

“Being single is a creative business”. Yes, you have to do the secret rules above in order to survive in that kind of business. Trust me.

Okay, “Call it Crackpot”.


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