And the award of the most creative and innovative country (in my version) goes to….

(Drum roolllsss…….)


Hell yeah.

Am I seriously serious??

Hell yes.

The big question is “WHY?

I was born and live in Indonesia. No, it’s not the reason. I am Indonesian. No, it’s not the reason either. Or maybe I can say that those statements are not the main reason, but it makes me knowing better about my country.

Indonesia is not a developed country yet. There are still so much poverty, high levels of corruption, low levels of technology, unemployment, etc. So, to struggle is a must.

Then what is it about Indonesia? What is it that makes me proud of this country?

For me, Indonesia has creativity and also innovation on its own way. The factors I’ve told you before (poverty, unemployment, etc) even became the trigger for the people to create things in order to survive from the deadly poverty.

So what have the ‘poverty’ made? Sorry if you feel uncomfortable with the barrage of questions in this article. Well it’s just a kind of ‘cool’er monologue system to brighten up my page B)

Okay back to the question above. Many new –let’s say- small and medium industries have come up in this country. For example, small industry that changing newsprint into variety crafts such as handbags, purses, lampshades, tissue holder, and fruit basket. There is also industry that makes lamps with coconuts as the basic material. So far, these kinds of industries always developed from the “limitation” a region have. Maybe you’re turning your mind right now about my word “limitation”. I’m thinking about this : Creativity created by the limitations.

You can see the examples I’ve wrote above are something worth to tell, something that makes my country more unique on its way. But creativity isn’t always about the good things. Many poor people in Indonesia survived with their creativity by pretending to be a disabled people, or using someone’s baby to attract our attention. It’s like everything they can do, they will do.

We don’t think poverty and other complications we have are good. The thing is, we have to take advantage the negative things we have and turn them into something positive, something good, something useful.

Indonesia, you’re doing good with your poverty!

Who’s with me?

Just “Call It Crackpot”!


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