Without being selfish, let’s start with a very basic thing to start a human relation, name. My name of course.

“Hei there, what’s your name?”

“Hello, my name is…” You could continue your answer with “… Angelina Jolie.” Or “… Pretty Princess.” Or “… Johnny Depp.” Or “… American Muscle.“ Or maybe you just stick by the name given to you from your parents. You choose.

I choose to be a good kind of daughter, I can say. I like my given name as much as I like to tell people what is it. So, I’d like to tell you… My name is Ananda Marissya Widya.

To shorten up my name, you can call me Ica. Ica? Where from? My family used to call me Rissya, but when I was still a child, the word Rissya became Ica because it was hard for me to spell ‘R’ and ‘S’. So here I am, with Ica as my nickname, with Ica as –I assume- Indonesia’s most widely nickname.

Okay, Ananda Marissya Widya. I asked both my father and my mother about this kind of situation. Then they answered me. ‘Ananda’ means a child. Thank God I’ve been recognize as a child. Then Marissya took from my grandmother’s name, ‘Mary’. And the rest ‘ssya’ means kind. Yes, my grandmother has been my and our family all time role model. She’s so lovely, clever, and always talk like there’s a book of quotations in her mind. Wonderful. For the last, ‘Widya’ means peace. -.-v <– just like this emoticon. These two last words took from Sansekerta language. So, if I put it together, my name means a child who has kindness and peacefulness, like her grandmother. Actually I don’t really know if my parents truly know about my name. Well, all I know is they gave me a name which sounds easy, good, and pleasurable.

But, wait, I didn’t stop there. I searched the meaning of my name on the internet. And a website answered that Ananda Marissya Widya means eeriness. Oh sorry, what?? Can you repeat it? Yes, eeriness. Seems like I have very long hair, wearing white long dress, and I’d haunted you and become a nightmare for you. So, beware! Huahahahahaa… Ahahahaaa… Ihihihihihii… (evil’s laugh)…

And folks, you can “Call it Crackpot”.


About Call It Crackpot

I call it crackpot.

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